Fiji Media Watch has two main Programmes. These are:

  1. Media Education and

  2. Media Monitoring

We conduct Media Awareness and Media Education school, tertiary  and community visits. We organize capacity building,  community based and school workshop trainings for community members and educators in Fiji and the Pacific region.

Our Advocacy work involves carrying out activities such as workshops with community leaders, educators and journalists. We carry out research in the area of media, media-monitoring and mass-media. We also use social media to publish our work and encourage civic engagement.




Fiji Media Watch after having gone through a journey of learning experience, it has now accepted the recommendation from the 2012 External evaluation report where the organisation will adopt a Human Rights base to programming. The rationale of the organisation seeks to promote media literacy and in doing so, this action will scale down its activities and focus on Communication Rights. To make clearer the boundaries of FMW’s work in education, monitoring and advocacy hence the underpinning focus will be:

  • freedom of media
  • freedom of information
  • freedom of expression

The action will focus on training the community members and relevant stakeholders like government and media owners to understand the communication and dialogue processes so that they can use to improve their learning, livelihood and media products that shapes public perceptions. Creating an understanding of these basic information on the processes in dialogue and communication rights can be powerful tools in resolving conflicts and contribute to peace-building. Again the project intervention, intends to see an increase in gender representation and participation of women in decision-making processes. 

It is evident that for a country that is rooted in culture and religion, the culture of silence still prevails and women’s participation in decision-making at any level in the community are limited or suppressed as this is the cultural norm.

The Development Goal of the project is to ensure that Fiji Citizens exercise fully their communication rights and contribute to a sustainable, peaceful and principled form of democracy. 


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