Media Center

The development of Media   Education  Centers  in the Communities is one of the  concrete measure of the impact of Media Awareness work  Fiji Media Watch conducts . This is a safe space in which members of the public who have undertaken Media Education trainings setup  space within their community hall  for example, to facilitate the collection of information booth that will benefit the members of the community and people can convene for  easy  access of print and visual media that could be referred to for information, education and entertainment. One of the principles of media education is to foster reading culture and with these MEC in the community, students are able to access updated information and well researched articles from the newspapers and other publications from church and government agencies. The center seeks to serve the community with IEC materials that will create public awareness on social justice issues and events in their respective sectors.  This will allow members to enjoy and exercise their communication rights.
Under the funding support of BfdW  and EU from 2010 to 2013, two media education centers were established in the Northern Division, as a result of the Media Education workshop trainings organised by Fiji Media Watch
In its current project 2013-2016, entitled Communication Rights for Social Change in Fiji, the department  has been instrumental in creating outcome impact in the community as a result of its intervention, one of its major project partners the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma via its Communications Department has partnered with FMW since September 2013, to engage the organisation to implement its media advocacy and literacy to the members of the faith in the various divisions Fiji wide. Although limited in staffing, this strategic partnership has enabled the ongoing work to be taken out to divisions such as Nadi Division; in late 2014 a training session was facilitated by the team with the group of church stewards (Tuirara) for the division on the need for media education and its relevance in the home and church. Around  August 2015, for the first time, a group of divisional reps from the 27 waswase were trained to become focal community correspondents and also to create their MEC in their respective communities.


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