What is Media Monitoring ?

Media monitoring refers to the broad activity of assessing the performance of the media – print, radio, visual and internet – according to its code of ethics and the standards of the common good and human decency.

Also, part of this task is the monitoring of how well human rights are protected and enhanced by the media and the government and the performance of both on good governance principles. This task cannot be left to the media organisations themselves or to the media’s public forum of accountability, which, in the case of Fiji, is the Fiji Media Association or to the government itself.

This task requires the input of civil society groups, if media freedom and responsibility is to be strengthened and sustained, not abused, and ultimately the protection of human rights and the principles of good governance.

To assist in this public task, the Fiji Media Watch will concentrate on three aspects of media monitoring: (a) develop and implement an adequate media monitoring programme; (b) training of schools and community leaders on media monitoring skills and establishing community media monitoring networks; and, (c) researching and advocating decent standards of news reporting and public accountability of the mainstream media, based on their adherence to their code of ethics and standards of common good and human decency.

The latter will look at monitoring selected key issues relating to human rights and good governance for period of time. The report of this activity which will be made public is one example of media monitoring.

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