Strategic Plan

The media environment in Fiji during the period 2010 – 2013 was dominated with discussion in Fiji
and abroad over media censorship. Various decrees legislated by the State during the period
affected freedom of speech and expression. Such were the 2012 Public Emergency Regulations and
the Public Order Act (Amendment) Decree. Similarly, there was no visible improvement in the
human rights situation in Fiji. Although there have been moves by the State to return Fiji to
democracy, FMW believes that Regional and International actors can play a significant and
strategic role towards Fiji‟s return to democratisation. Such include platforms or forums for
political dialogue and the provision of technical support.

In the context of the aforementioned, the Executive Board and Staff of FMW developed this
strategic plan as a road map for the next six years. This was done in consultation with stakeholders
involved in FMW‟s current project.

This plan was developed with broad involvement and guidance from the Executive Board and Staff.
The Strategic Planning Committee included Board members and members of the Staff. The
Committee consulted various stakeholders to reflect on the vision, mission, core operating values
and assumptions underlying the organisation‟s approach to its work. A one day Retreat in October,
2012 and a three day meeting in December, 2012 set the stage for work sessions whereby the
organisation‟s strategic direction was defined. The Staff helped to coordinate the planning process
and provided important support and analysis to complete this plan.

The Executive Board together with Management also co opted the assistance of three external
evaluators (two for the current project design and one for the organisation overview) in August and
November, 2012 to conduct a project and organisation assessment. The evaluators carried out
interviews with several community stakeholders and a review of the overall project. These together
with those by Result Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Reports 2011;2012 developed by the Delegation
of the European Union of the Pacific helped FMW assess both the challenges and opportunities it
had faced over the past three years as well as those FMW is likely to face over the next six years.
Similarly, these set the context for the choices reflected in FMW‟s new strategic plan. In May of
2013, a consultant was co opted to assist the organisation to refine the Strategic Plan and the
organisation design for the next six years.


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